[Michel Bras Recipe] “Thin Porcini Tart – with this autumn’s mushrooms”


Fall is here with its bountiful and savory produce, with simple yet delicate flavors. Let’s enjoy them without fuss, but with a little twist. Using a walnut paste will bring a savory and nutty flavor to mushrooms.


For 4 tarts

Ingredients :

20 oz. (600 g) porcini mushrooms

2 tsp (30 g) walnut (fine quality for the flavor)

2 tsp (30 g) uncured ham

7 oz. (200 g) puff pastry

1/2 shallot

1 clove of garlic

2 tsp (30 g) butter

3/4 oz. (20 g) bread

1 egg

2 oz. (60 g) cream


Mince the half shallot and let it cook in 1 tsp (10 g) of butter. Soak the bread in some milk. Grate the walnut, cut the ham in small pieces. Put everything, add the egg, and mix to a smooth paste. Keep in cold for 1/2hour. After that, add the cream and mix for 1 min.


Mushrooms: pick them medium sized, firm and fresh. Wipe them using a cloth, and grate the stem. Put them for 2 min in boiling salted water, soak them and let them cool down. Slice them. Crash the garlic clove and let it infuse in 3/4 oz. (20 g) of hot butter. Preheat the oven at 350℉ (180℃).

Spread the dough to 1mm thick, cut them out into 12 cm diameter circles.


Spread 1mm of the walnut paste, display the mushroom slices nicely.


Add salt and pepper, the garlic flavored butter using a brush. At this stage, you could freeze them to cook them later

Cook in the oven for 20 min. Serve warm as an appetizer that delivers the best of autumn in a simple yet delicious way.