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Hiromi Daido

The artist pursues a single view of the world.
The beauty of form that can be expressed with porcelain clay, the decoration expressed with dyed lines, and the world of white and blue,
She creates her world by integrating these possibilities of expression.
Her work is as fresh and present as a summer rainstorm, but also has a graceful quality that blends in with its surroundings.

Hiromi Daido

Born in Saitama Prefecture, a neighbor of Tokyo.
In her late 20s, she entered a technical high school in the Mino region and studied ceramics.
After graduation, became a ceramic artist.
Winner of many awards, including the Silver Prize at the Oribe Craft and Design Grand Prize Exhibition and Honorable Mention at the International Ceramics Festival Mino 21.
and many other awards.
She is based in Toki, located in the eastern part of the Mino region, where she maintains a studio and works as an artist.
After firing the porcelain, she processes it to give it a unique luster, and with the unique blue pattern, she creates her own unique view of the world,
She has created her own unique view of the world with her unique blue pattern. Porcelain clay