[Michel BRAS Recipe] Warm Bourriols

“Bourriol belong to the crepe and galette family, along with blini,pancake…

From the tip of Bretagne to the highlands of Central Asia, cereal flours have been mixed with water or milk, and fermented with some yeast, fulfilling the apetite of all mankind throughout history. In Aubrac region, flour used to be replaced by mashed potatos to prepare this « bread for the poor ».

I propose to use both in my recipe.

 An instant recipe you can prepare right in front of your guests. A delicious smell would soon bring a moment of shared warmth and happiness…

 Michel BRAS


Ingredients for 8 bourriols :


85 g peeled potatoes

30g rye or barley flour

30g wheat flour

1 egg

8g malt yeast

3cl milk


Recipe :

Steam cook the potatoes, then mash them finely. Add milk in and blend for a smooth texture.

Mix all flours together , add some water to the yeast to mix, before blending it with the flour mix. Add the egg then mix the 2 preparations together and season with a little salt.

Texture should be on the thick side.

Cover with a cloth and leave it to rise fo 2hrs at room temperature.


Heat a non-stick pan, pour the dough into 4mm thick little buns, that will naturally take a round shape. Once you see bubbles on the surface, it means the other side is cooked. Flip them and cook for another 3 mn.



Bourriols taste best when served with some heat left. Top each of them with some butter, add salt or sugar, or any other delicious touch according to how you would like to enjoy them : a few drops of rhum, grated chocolate using a peeler, or some milk skin skimmed from boiling milk, fromage blanc with redcurrant, vanilla ice cream with almonds….