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Michel BRAS Kitchenware

20 years, 23 tools: By KAI Group and Maison BRAS.



Excellent quality, versatile utensil. The person who received it as a gift is delighted.

Daniel BouludChef-owner of DANIEL, New York

Michel Bras collaborated with Kai of Shun knives to make these out of stainless steel and PakkaWood in Japan.

The finest collaboration of expertise between a chef and a steel master, with a beautiful design. The perfect combination of Japanese precision and sharpness, and French balance. While they are expensive, they will last a lifetime.


Scissors that open up the future

I have been using this product for several years. I purchased two Petits. I chose them as a housewarming gift for an elderly friend who lives alone and as a wedding gift for a younger friend. Each of them said they only use kitchen scissors for opening bags, so I suggested they try them for cutting herbs and vegetables, removing excess fat from chicken, and cutting pizza! Then they said it's so much easier and more convenient than a knife! I was delighted with the results. The gift wrapping is subtle and beautiful, and I was happy to see the smiles on their faces when I handed it to them.

Ricky ChenCustomer

These knives are the best. The set has a knife for everything we need to do including a clever!! They absolutely looking great and the block is perfect. We could not be any happier…

Susan BrownCustomer


I love bones. I am not a professional cook, but when I cook a fish it is always with the bones. The added flavor is always worth it, but quickly removing them for serving is difficult. That is until I used Michel Bras' #2 knife. It was as if I purchased a tennis racket and hit only aces or had custom-made ice skates tailored to my foot and suddenly landed a triple axel. I cannot believe the precision and control these knives give me. They are an absolute joy to use. They are expensive and yet are the best bargain in my kitchen.

Koichi SEKICustomer

The texture of the sashimi

The master of a sushi restaurant in Ginza told me that when he goes to cater a hotel, he takes BRAS No. 3 with him. He said that in an outdoor environment, he can get better results than with Japanese knives. As an amateur who cannot use Japanese knives, I heard that and got the No. 3. The texture of the thinly sliced sashimi was so good that it was hard to believe that I had cut it myself. Now it is an indispensable tool.

Valerie KoehnCustomer

Great grater set!

We do lots of grating in our kitchen (cheeses, all kinds of vegetables, citrus peel....) and it's so much fun to try out the different grates that come with the various grater panels. And I can't say this enough: everything that Michel Bras makes is also just so beautiful! It makes me happy just to have them in the kitchen, and sitting on the counter top!

La Mandoline

Having a command center in the kitchen.
La Mandoline

5 Expressions

3 types of grater blades and 2 types of julienne blades to enjoy a wider variety of food preparation.
5 Expressions

10 Precision Knives

Elegance, precision and high performance brought about by 37 steps.
10 Precision Knives

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Michel Bras with Masaki Kusada

Glass artist based in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa prefecture

Michel Bras with Masaki Kusada

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