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10 Purposeful Knives

Elegance, precision and high performance brought about by 37 steps.

The product that best embodies the Michel BRAS philosophy of sharpness, elegance, balance, strength and suppleness, along with a perfect grip. Its unparalleled performance and elegance are brought about by its triple-layer stainless steel with different strengths, titanium finish, black laminated tempered wood, precise shapes, proportions and balance. The knives are designed to free the movement in preparing food, taste and beauty. They allow you to follow your imagination through your fingertips, the palm of your hand, and the contact of the products to be prepared.

Each knife is produced in a rationalized 37-step process of hand and machine work. Each one is engraved with a serial number and shipped from the Hida Yamato factory, with the pride and responsibility of those who made it.