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Scissors makes it easy to perform complex and delicate tasks, such as cooking poultry and fish with intricate bones, or food that has already been prepped. Michel BRAS scissors embody the brand's philosophy, dedicated to the pleasure of cooking and the simplification of complex tasks. The neat details and rounded handles will add a nice touch to your kitchen.

Our brand's golden rule of easy washing and easy cleanliness is obviously maintained.


Grands ciseaux

Tough blade with micro-serrations to firmly grip food. It can also cut through bones and shells.

There are two other parts of the blade that capture the food.

The bone cutter (half-moon shaped notch) on the blade can more precisely capture the food material,

The bone cutters (half-moon shaped indentations) on the blade are provided on both sides of the blade to more precisely capture the food material. The nutcracker between the blade and the handle is designed to firmly capture and break bones and shells.

Petits ciseaux

Smaller in size with a sharp cutting edge with a sharply angled blade. They can perform detailed work and plating in a delicate way.