La Mandoline

Having a command center in the kitchen.

Try this tool as your daily cooking partner, and it will quickly become an essential centerpiece. Slicing a wide variety of vegetables to the desired thickness and shape, with acute precision, it will help you put a meal together without much effort.

Bras dishes taste even better than their beauty would suggest, often supported by flavors and textures of vegetables that have been carefully prepared one by one. This mandoline plays a major part in their cooking process, as an early visit to Le Suquet's kitchen would reveal. From translucent slices to solid, even slices, waffles and wavy cuts, it maneuvers with versatility and precision between the ingredients and the final dish. A truly dependable must in your kitchen.

By rotating the knob located on the top of the main unit, the platform can be raised or lowered easily to obtain your desired width, up to 10mm.
By combining a slicing blade with a julienne blade, three different julienne widths can be achieved (3mm, 7mm, and 10mm).
The food cart holds food securely in place and serves to further protect fingers and ensure your safety.


Slicing blade
Use the slicing blade
Crinkling blade
Waffle cut
Use the crinkling blade
Crinkle cut
Use the crinkling blade
Julienne blade 3mm
Blade pitch: 3 mm
Use the slicing blade
+ 3mm julienne blade
Julienne blade 7mm
Blade pitch: 7 mm
7mm width julienne
Use the slicing blade
+ 7mm julienne blade
Julienne blade 10mm 
Blade pitch: 10 mm
10mm width julienne
Use the slicing blade
+ 10mm julienne blade