10 Michel BRAS Knives

Elegance, precision and high performance brought about by 37 steps.


The product that best embodies the Michel BRAS philosophy of sharpness, elegance, balance, strength and suppleness, along with a perfect grip. Its unparalleled performance and elegance are brought about by its triple-layer stainless steel with different strengths, titanium finish, black laminated tempered wood, precise shapes, proportions and balance. The knives are designed to free the movement in preparing food, taste and beauty. They allow you to follow your imagination through your fingertips, the palm of your hand, and the contact of the products to be prepared.

Each knife is produced in a rationalized 37-step process of hand and machine work. Each one is engraved with a serial number and shipped from the Hida Yamato factory, with the pride and responsibility of those who made it.




For a precise hand control

A lovely piece with comfortable finger and hand movements for peeling vegetables, small crafting tasks, and more.




For a neat knife work even with small foodstuffs

To work small and firm ingredients with finesse and care.

A strong, light and well-proportioned blade, with a well-balanced handle ensure effortless handling.




One that maintains delicacy over this length, which is well suited for sushi preparation, among other things.

For control over subtle adjustments when cutting out terrine, carpaccio, etc. without breaking them up.

The dimple blade neatly cuts away slices. 




Versatile work with perfect balance.

A remarkably effective tool, born from the combination of the santoku, a traditional Japanese knife, with exceptional sharpness and balance.

The favorite of the series for Michel, and many other chefs as well.



No. 5

For perfect meat carving into smaller pieces.

Slice your meat dish at the dinner table with ease. The balanced knife design and the blade's shape make it surprisingly easy to use.Discover another way to enjoy quality meat using this knife, other than tasting, watching, or grilling it.




Most suited for a large hunk of high-quality meat

Whether preparing a large block of meat in the kitchen fridge, or on a campsite with a mountain view, this knife is designed for the task and will always be a pleasure to use.




Forget the rules, this is all you need to enjoy a great steak.

This steak knife is shaped as a tribute to the Laguiole knife, which evolved from the shepherd's all-purpose knife. The fineness of its cut helps to savor its steak even better.




The blade of this knife is specifically designed for boning.

This powerful little tool, with perfect hold and balance, facilitates meticulous work such as stripping, while looking elegant.



No. 9

The most beautiful and powerful bread knife.

For slicing sourdough bread and any crusty breads as desired. The wavy blades are placed alternately in different directions, producing fewer bread crumbs. An exceptional knife that has fascinated many a baker.





A modern hybrid cleaver.

The 4-millimeter-thick back allows cleaving, smashing and cutting. The versatility brought about by the shape is not limited to looks alone. This Chinese chef’s knife enhanced usability will serve you well in the kitchen, while expanding your cooking methods.


Set of 7 kitchen knives

The A set includes seven knives that can cover almost any occasion, for anyone who enjoys cooking at home. The A set includes No.1~No.7 knives, reflecting the original concept. The B set has No.6 being removed to include No.9 bread knife in its place. A is recommended for those who enjoy elaborate meat dishes, and B rather for bread lovers.



Set of 10 kitchen knives

A set for you to enjoy the concept of the Michel BRAS knife series as a whole: a full line of knives with shapes that have been carefully considered by Michel and Sebastien BRAS and are designed to perform a variety of cooking methods with precision and comfort. Ideal to increase your culinary awareness, stimulate your imagination, while broadening and deepening your skills.



Plain wood sheath

All No.1~No.10 knives come with a sheath. A way to prevent accidental contact of fingers and other objects with these particularly sharp knives, stemming from an 800-year tradition of sword making. A magnet is attached inside to avoid the risk of slipping off.

The maple sheath reflects tradition and modernity within functionality.


Bee (cross section of the handle)

A tribute to the Laguiole culture. Both Michel's father and brother worked in the forging industry, and Laguiole knives have always been a part of their lives. An abstract design of the bee, symbol of the Laguiole knife, decorates the top of the handle.



Item number (metal end of the handle)

Carefully thought out and designed, therefore shaped differently, they still can be identified at a glance thanks to their number. The beauty of the numbers, punched on manually, shows how much care and attention has gone into the design of each of the 10 knives.


The cistre and serial number (on the blade)

Each knife is individually numbered and managed. The number is a promise of the highest quality and a firm commitment to the integration of machine work and hand work. The cistre logo is a sign of uncompromising commitment.