Claudine Restaurant

Julien Royer, who has earned three Michelin stars and the highest ranking in the ASIA BEST 50 for ODETTE, named after his grandmother, has shown great personal talent and organizational leadership. With his friend Julien Mercier as executive chef, he stylishly renovated a colonial church, this time naming it after his mother.

The concept is Neo Brasserie. As an innovative French superstar based in one of the world's most prominent hub cities, Julien wanted to offer a place where the food is more authentic, yet casual and cool. This is what motivated him to create a "a la Royer," a brasserie that reflects the present. ODETTE, for example, is a reinterpretation of Asian cuisine based on French cuisine, but with well-researched specific Asian influences, rather than a stark Asian one, skillfully incorporated like the harmonies that support a melody.

CLAUDINE is more classically French, but it also gives you room to feel a twist of the present in a straightforward way. The colonial-era church is in great balance with the groove created by the food, and it makes for a good time.
Neo Brasserie CLAUDINE in Singapore by Julien Royer The time there is exactly what you would expect from that line of words.