Led by French chef Julien ROYER, ODETTE, a 3-star Michelin restaurant in Singapore, is one of the most sought-after restaurants in the world today, a regular on The worldʼs best 50 list and a regular at the top of Asiaʼs best 50 list. It has been honored with various other international awards. Whatever the search, it is clear to see that he is one of the most highly regarded chefs in the world today.
Hailing from the Cantal department in the far reaches of France, Julien had a solid "French" background when he first arrived in Singapore. He had studied under Bernard Andrieu in the Auvergne region, and he put his knowledge and skills to use in the brasserie of the St. Regis Hotel, where he was assigned to work.

In the seven years since then, until he opened his own restaurant named after his grandmother, he has taken advantage of Singapore's proximity to the rest of the world to accumulate a wide range of knowledge and experience and develop his own style. His academic and inquisitive mind has not changed since he opened ODETTE, and he is constantly absorbing new things and changing little by little, without wavering from the roots of what he holds dear. 

What does it mean to offer one's own unique cuisine in a city that is a mosaic of ethnicities and food cultures, where selected ingredients from Asia and Europe are abundantly distributed? It is not only cutting-edge contemporary French cuisine of the highest order, but also world cuisine created by the sensitively talented chefs who continue to challenge themselves in the round-about Asian city. As you can see in the video, Asian accents are incorporated into various corners of the French-inspired festivities. The Asian accents are not artificial, but rather elements that have been digested and reemerged in the artist's own body, reappearing as part of the composition as elements of a smoothly integrated harmony.

This beautiful fusion can be seen in many cases as an Asian chef trying his hand in Paris, or a European chef trying his hand in one of the great Asian cities. Julien, however, stands out from the crowd, first for its cuisine, and then for its restaurant space and operations.

As always, video images cannot convey the taste, aroma, or texture of a dish. However, we believe to have succeeded in creating a clip that shows ODETTE as a cuisine of the current era, not as a cuisine of the East or the West, or of some style or somewhere else.