Contemporary Gastronomy from Ingredients Within 100 km of Paris: Chef Yamagishi of Restaurant Étude

Paris, 16th arrondissement. A restaurant that always provides high quality food and service, supported by its regular customers. The cuisine is always universal, never boring, but at the same time fresh, and the ingredients are carefully selected to make it possible. Étude Paris 16, which since its opening has aimed to be a restaurant that blends quietly into a quiet neighborhood, is a restaurant that, beyond the Covid period, has increasingly strengthened its ZEN-like vibe.

Recently, a new wine cellar was installed. The cellar, with its different images depending on the direction you look, has become a quiet but sure accent to the warm and simple dining space. 90% of the wines in the cellar are from Burgundy. The wine selection process is also consistent with the respect for the producers that he has cultivated through his years of experience in the food industry. The vegetables are mainly from well-known producers in the suburbs of Paris who are committed to organic farming.

Chef Yamagishi's excellent, quiet, everyday aesthetics have no stagnation. He knows what he can do with Le Moulin and continues to use it to its advantage.
When we filmed the video for our Youtube channel, Chef Yamagishi was focusing on ingredients from within 100 kilometers of the restaurant. He was seeking to understand the philosophy of the producers and to make the best use of the ingredients, which could not be seen by researching on the Internet, but only by visiting them by foot.

In reality, he went to the Marché in Paris to find the best ingredients, then went to the fields where the ingredients were produced, met with the producers, asked them about their methods of cultivation, and ordered what he was satisfied with. Today, he is using the experience he gained from getting to know the producers and has expanded to include fish from the sea, but his attitude and concept remain the same. We hope you will enjoy Étude's subtle weaving of the aesthetics of everyday life in the quiet 16th arrondissement of Paris with the utmost care and attention.