Chef Kitamura's collaboration with Michel BRAS channel dates back to 2022, when he was chef at ERH in Paris. The chef, who skillfully uses exotic spices and herbs, also known as Cuisine de voyage, tried something new with Le Moulin.

He had been awarded a Michelin star for three years in a row, but he was clearly looking for a new way to reach new heights. In Japan, he honed his skills at Le Creation de NARISAWA for many years and learned from several other chefs. In Paris, he worked for Pierre Gagnaire, and then for five years as a bistro chef. He says that it was a great experience for him to learn a lot and develop his technical skills, as he had always focused on gastronomy until then.

With his diverse experience, flexibility, and sensitivity, Chef Kitamura has a wealth of culinary knowledge to draw from. The cuisine was based on Chef Kitamura's global tours, and while he focuses on his own technique and sensibility honed in Japan, he never travels to Japan.
When he collaborated with Michel Bras kitchenware, he immediately understood the characteristics and possibilities of Le Moulin and proposed a dynamic expansion of his unique travel horizons, as he explains in the video.

The depth and three-dimensionality of a dish of tempura of courgette flowers with crushed Nepalese timt and Indonesian andariman, and the multilayered sensation of acidity when the lobster, apricots, fresh almonds, and green beans are combined with finely crushed vanilla pod and beans similar in aroma to vanilla. The third item, French duck, with Chef Kitamura's typical fire-roasted flavor, and a mix of orange zest, dried beets, and dried coriander sprinkled on the finish to match the sauce, had a wonderful depth of flavor, texture, and aroma. This is truly a cuisine de voyage unique to Keita Kitamura.

After maintaining a Michelin star in Paris for four years, Kitamura decided to take on a new offer from Tokyo with a few colleagues from ERH. There, Kitamura aims for the next higher level. After having grown up in Paris, Kitamura's next new culinary experience in Tokyo, a new journey, will begin in the fall of 2023.