Bricolage Bread & Co.

Chef Shinobu Namae's restaurant, L'Effervescence, is a Michelin 3 star and a regular recipient of the Asian best 50's, and in 2023, Chef Namie himself was selected for its Icon Award. He has spoken at the United Nations about seaweed, which plays an important role in the regeneration of the oceans, and lobbied governments by working with producers on food loss, food safety, and other issues.

However, Bricolage bread & co. is a pleasant work based on the empathy and realization of individuals and friends, born from the pure motivation of wanting a place to spend such time in their own town, where they can enjoy the pleasure of eating and relaxing.
When the inspiration of three people came together, Ayumi Iwanaga of the boulangerie "Le Sucré Coeur," who went out of his way to have his boulangerie sent from Osaka every day to serve at L'Effervescence, and Kenji Kojima of "Fuglen Tokyo," where Chef Namae used to go to relax with a good cup of coffee, this is when it was time for this place to be born. The joy of doing something that could only be done together by three people who believe in the wonderful things that good food can bring to people, its splendor, and its potential, is the pillar of this project.

Gastro Burger, Gastro Tartine and a good cup of coffee, a moment in a busy day spent sitting at a larger table and changing one's mood. With the same passion and energy as the macro perspective on social and environmental issues, the body is moved to provide these daily, individualized, small pleasures. It's a wonderful thing.
I have no idea how to divide my time in such a diverse range of activities. In the gastronomy industry, the quality of the food is often questioned simply because of the number of restaurants.

However, even as he continues to push the envelope, the quality of his restaurants and cafes remains unwavering, and their sophistication continues to evolve. This is possible because everything is interconnected. Taste is eloquent.


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