Le Coulant

The seemingly simple appearance of this dessert conceals the skill and sensitivity of Michel Bras. It took him more than two years to achieve the revolutionary idea of a hard biscuit dough to break for warm chocolate to melt out of it. After much trial and error, Michel said he was filled with tremendous joy when he finally completed his coulant.

The inspiration for the joyful and inspiring coulant came from a heartwarming family story.

One snowy winter day, Michel, his wife Ginette, and their children returned from skiing. Still freezing, they sat around the table in silence as Ginette prepared a cup of cocoa. The children’s small hands holding the cups warmed up, faces start smiling, and soon the lively conversation was back around the table. Michel created the coulant to express the joy of this moment, and it still has a lasting influence on chefs around the world ever since it was invented in 1981.