[Michel BRAS Recipe] Valentine special: Italian Ice cream La crème glacée à l’italienne

A quick and easy recipe to melt together with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. This smooth and milky ice cream can be flavored with chocolate, hazelnuts, peanuts, coffee…according to your whims and also the resources of your pantry. Preparing them with the finest products from maison BRAS brand will enhance their flavor and transform a simple ice cream into a festive and delicious treat.




This ice cream should be eaten when ready or the day after.


3 recipes to be combined, or enjoyed separately :

Basic Italian Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream, Hazelnuts Ice Cream.

You will also enjoy the different textures offered by each flavor : lighter with the basic recipe, richer with the chocolate, and nutty with the hazelnuts.


Here are the products used in the following recipes :


  • Tablettes de chocolat / Chocolate bars


All 3 types are made from the finest organic ingredients :

Grand Noir (dark chocolate with 57% cacao), Ceïba (dark chocolate with 64% cacao from the Dominican Republic), Lait Entier (milk chocolate using whole milk)

  • Confiture au Lait d’ici / Milk jam made with our local dairy

A staple from maison Bras breakfast, this amazing milk jam brings out the rich flavor and elegant caramel taste like no other “dulce de leche”. It works as a real touch of magic on plain ice cream.

  • Miel du Suquet / Honey from Suquet (produced on the restaurant location )

Pure honey is rare nowadays, but this one will surprise you with its rich and elaborate aroma. This true gift from nature brings depth and sophistication to any nut flavored ice creams.




4 tbsp ( 25 g ) powdered milk

2 cups ( 450 g ) milk

3/4 cup 2 tbsp ( 200 g ) heavy cream

1/2 cup ( 125 g ) sugar




  • Basic Milk ice cream :

BRAS Milk Jam

Sliced almonds

 Chocolate ice cream

Grated BRAS chocolate bar

Orange peel to color

– Hazelnuts ice cream

BRAS Honey from Suquet

Sliced almonds




Electric mixer, strainer, ice cream maker ( if you don’t have one, set in the freezer and steer it vigorously every 45 minutes while it freezes )




Basic ice cream


Lightly warm the milk. Whisk the powdered milk, cream and sugar. Boil and stir. Strain the mixture through a sieve and put in the ice cream maker, or in a mold to set in the freezer.

Serve with BRAS Milk Jam and sprinkle sliced almonds.



Chocolate ice cream

Melt 41/2 oz. ( 125 g ) chocolate, add to the basic mixture and stir.

Serve with grated BRAS chocolate bar, and some orange peel to color.



Hazelnuts ice cream

Add 7 oz. ( 200 g ) toasted hazelnuts powder and stir.

Serve with BRAS Honey from Suquet, sprinkle some grated hazelnuts.