[Michel Bras Recipe] “A warm Apple Tart with a hint of blue cheese”


The apple was in the Garden of Eden, and also played a major role in the legend of William Tell. Originally from Central Asia, Pliny the Elder already mentioned eighty varieties at the time of Ancient Rome. Alexander the Great is said to have discovered an apple that would let some priests live up to four hundred years…an apple believed to have been cultivated under Ramses II of Egypt, more than 12 centuries before Christ. Egyptians were offering apples to their priests, who were the keepers of knowledge. Later on, apple trees were grown in monasteries orchards, before becoming widely popular. How about bringing some contrast to this staple, and combine it with blue cheese?



For 4 tarts



3,5 oz (100 g) of puff pastry

1 big or 2 small apples

2 oz (60 g) Bleu des Causses or similar blue cheese

3/4 oz (20g) butter


Preparation :

Spread the puff pastry to 1-2 mm thick, then cut out 4 round circles of 9 cm diameter.




Peel the apples, remove the seeds, cut them into 2 mm slices, and display them nicely onto the round tarts.

Put melted butter using a brush.




Cook in the oven at 350℉(180 ℃) for about 10mn. While cooking, scrape some cheese for each tart, to let it enhance its flavor. Take out the tarts once cooked and top each one with a piece of blue cheese that should melt on the apples.

Serve immediately.



You could prepare the tarts ahead and cook them once your guests are here.