[Wine Series Vol.2] “The Art of Degusation according to Sergio”

Here is the new post from Sergio, who is the sommelier at Bras restaurant and owner of “La Cave de Sergio” in Laguiole. With beautiful pictures of Bras restaurant team Sergio is sharing a bottle chosen by himself in the kitchen, with the center table decorated with seasonal squashes and pumpkins. Enjoy a glimpse of the maison Bras wonderful art de vivre !


“The Art of Degusation according to Sergio”


Today, wine is gaining a wider popularity among a younger and better informed public. 
I would like to remind everyone that wine is, above all, about sharing, enjoying conviviality and culture…
I took the initiative to create a weekly ritual at maison Bras in Laguiole: the whole team gathers for 15mn every Sunday, to enjoy a “dégustation”:
we talk and exchange our impressions around one fine bottle of wine. 
It has now become our friendly rendez-vous, our Degustation Between Pals…
“When wine interferes with work, stop working.”
Oscar Wilde
Bonne dégustation!
Sergio Calderon 

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