Sébastien BRAS interview on Michelin stars (Sept.2017)

“Why I declined the Michelin stars” Sébastion BRAS
Michel and Sebastien Bras in the Bras restaurant kitchen
I wish to waive the Sacred Graal of gastronomy. This 3rd star is a dream for dozens of chefs but I’ve decided I didn’t want it anymore. Just like sportsmen declining medals, actors declining Oscars. Among the 50 clients who come each day for lunch and for dinner, there might be inspectors checking if our restaurant lives up to Michelin’s expectations, and this causes a permanent tension, which I don’t want anymore. The 3 stars have been a tremendous gift for us, clearly a strong asset, that helped build our reputation.But today I feel they are more a hindrance than a benefit. This is why I wish to keep on doing exactly what I’ve been doing, enjoy cooking with my team, with my family, in my remote Aubrac region.I just want to do it in a relaxed and serene way, without that subtle tension.I just want to be out of competition. I’ve always lived with these high standards and will always keep them. I will keep on working to achieve excellence, but excellence for my guests. When we serve our guests a cuisine that is prepared with sincerity and humanity, and we see that our emotion has been conveyed to them, to me,nothing compares to such happiness. That’s it.
Sébastien BRAS in an interview for BRUT. ,Sept.2017