Nae:um * Singapore

Louis Han, who started his first restaurant with the Korean name meaning "fragrance that evokes memories," earned his first Michelin star a few years later at the age of 32. He is off to a good start. He grew up in Gangnam, Seoul, to a lawyer mother. He went to culinary school with a firm determination to become a chef, overcoming his mother's expectations of him to become a doctor or lawyer. Surrounded by a large and kind family, he followed the path his heart led him. He studied French and Italian cuisine, gained experience in the Middle East, and immersed himself in his native cuisine when he landed in Singapore. He honed himself under Sun KIM of META, a senior chef in Singapore and a senior Michelin 1-star chef, and explored what he wanted to do and what kind of chef he wanted to be.

What Louis pursues is the euphoric feeling of euphoria when memories come bubbling up from within the body. The question for him is how much he can offer this feeling in the time from when he opens the door of the restaurant until he leaves, focusing on the aroma that precedes the food and the food that follows it. This is his challenge to himself.

Singapore will provide a great deal of freedom for such a challenge. It is Korean food, but it is not Korean food, nor is it French or Italian food. How much of the recipe is intentional and how much is unconscious? It is a recipe based on the hope and expectation that we want to spend happy times together, that he will remember those times, and that we will have a relationship that will one day bring us back.

Today, at the age of 34, Louis will continue to boldly rework his memories and improve his skills in creating "memory-inspiring scents. But he will also continue to be a chef who protects and develops the most important things, which are more important than technique.