Bistrot Les Enfants Rouges | Chef Dai Shinozuka

The oldest covered marché in Paris is Les Enfants Rouge in the Le Marais district, established in 1615 and still very busy with Parisians and tourists. Many stores selling food are lined up, but there are also many attractive restaurants where you can have a meal. Alain MIAM MIAM may be the most famous counter in the world, as its cooking scenes have recently become a viral sensation on Youtube. The sandwiches, made on the spot with a wide variety of ingredients, are dynamic, fun, and delicious, and will not disappoint tourists who have come all the way here for the right reasons.

The area surrounding the Marché is a fierce enough battleground, with cafes and bistros of all types. The name of the bistro, Les Enfants Rouge (a bit confusing when looking for a restaurant!), is owned by Dai Shinozuka. ) bistro named Les Enfants Rouge is run by Dai Shinozuka. He has no practical experience at a cooking school or restaurant in Japan. He came to Paris to study French cuisine out of the blue. After working in several restaurants, he worked as a sous chef for 6 years at Le Comptoir du Relais, the famous bistro of Chef Yves Camdeborde, before setting up his current restaurant. He has been praised by the New York Times, Figaro, Le Monde and others as a bistro among bistros. Although he is a lover of classic French cuisine, he also naturally incorporates Japanese ingredients and cooking methods to give a contemporary French touch and a light touch to his cuisine. The staff works well as a team, and the good atmosphere in the kitchen is clearly conveyed to the dining room. The atmosphere is delicious, as only a good bistro can be. In that sense, this is truly a delicious restaurant in the Les Enfants Rouge and Le Marais neighborhoods.

He loves citrus fruits and usually uses them extensively, and this time he tried dried orange peel in syrup for the finish at Le Moulin. Scallops, leafy greens, and chrysanthemums, three ingredients with different textures and depths, were marinated in a saffron sauce, which was then combined with an orange peel glacé. The depth and breadth of the dish, as well as the development of the ingredients within the sauce, make this an excellent composition and a delicious dish.

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